Membership Registration

Please fill in and submit the attached registration form to the Society Office.The admittance would be announced through the discussion in the committee meeting.


1) Membership would be Regular, Student, Patronage or Abroad

2) Initial Admittance and Fees would be the following

1. RegularAdmittance
Annual Fee
2,000 Yen
10,000 Yen
2. StudentAdmittance
Annual Fee
1,000 Yen
5,000 Yen
3. Abroad Admittanceā€»Admittance
Annual Fee
1,000 Yen
5,000 Yen

If you apply to JCS during the middle of year, the annual fee will be reduced as follows.
New members from January to June = As specified (Full Membership Fee)
New members from July to September = 30% off regulation
New member from October to December = 50% off regulation

Please download and fill out the application form and, send it by e-mail
send to :

Application form for students
Application Form for Regular and Abroad Admittance

Please notify if the confirmation of email receipt is not received in several days.

To Participants at the Annual Conference
Receipts (Admittance, Annual fee, Participation fee) will be able to receive at the reception desk on the day of the conference.

ā€»Members Abroad Resident abroad with Foreign Passport

Annual Fee includes fees for bulletins and newsletters