Research Conferences

After founding, held every Fall

1st1979.10.TOKYOAchieving Human Creativeness
2nd1980.10TSUKUBAPeople and Process in Creativity
3rd1981.10.TOKYOThe Creativity and Japanese Culture
4th1982.10.OSAKAThe Creativity and Computer
5th1983.10.KANAGAWAThe Creativity and Various Studies
6th1984.10.OSAKAThe Tradition and Creativity
7th1985.10.TOKYOCould Japan be Creative
8th1986.10.AICHIThe Creativity and Comparative Civilization
9th1987.10.TOKYOThe Problem in Active Science
10th1988.10.TOYAMACreativity: From Local to Global
11th1989.10.TOKYOUnification of East & West and Problem Solving
12th1990.10.TOKUSHIMAThe Creativity and Performance Development
13th1991.10.TOKYOThe Creativity and Inspirations
14th1992.12.AICHIThe Creativity of Commerce, Technology and Culture
15th1993.07.TOKYOInterdisciplinary Creativity
16th1994.10.ISHIKAWAMaking 21st Century Creative
17th1995.10.TOKYODeveloping Creative Thinking
- Science, Technology and Public Policies
18th1996.11.TOKYOThe Creativity for 21st Century
19th1997.11.SHIZUOKASearch of Recent Issues in Creativity
Studies, Education and Development
20th1998.10.KANAGAWAThe Life Science and Creativity
21st1999.09.ISHIKAWAConstructing Knowledge Generating Environment
22nd2000.09.TOKYOCreativity at the Field
- Reform toward Active Learning -
23rd2001.11.TOKYOCreativity Festival: Creative Workshop
24th2002.09.TOKYOInspiration at the origin
- Visit old to discover and learn -
25th2003.10.TOKYOCreativity of Japanese
- How can Japan contribute to the future of world
26th2004.10.TOKYOCreativity education of the World and Japan
27th2005.10.TOKYOCreativity and Innovation
28th2006.10.ISHIKAWACreation of Knowledge
29th2007.10.SHIZUOKAFinding a New Possibilities of Creative Problem Solving(CPS)
30th2008.10.TOKYOThe study of modern social phenomena of creativity education
31st2009.10.TOKYOSerendipity and creativity
32nd2010.10.OSAKACreativity and Innovation in Management and Education
33rd2011.10.TOKYOJapan's Revival and Creativity
34th2012.10.ISHIKAWAThe challenge to technical innovation of Japan
35th2013.10.SAITAMAActions Created by People, Things, and Thoughts -Creative Support-
36th2014.10.TOKYO"Experience and Creation" -What triggers open the doors of inspiration-
37th2015.10.OSAKACreativity of Exciting Universities and Sparkle Companies
38th2016.11.OKINAWADevelopment of creativity for regional regeneration and revitalization in Okinawa
39th2017.09.KANAGAWAInnovation and Creativity -How to connect ideas to innovation!?-
40th2018.09.OSAKAFrom the Perspective of Interdisciplinary Research and Practice (with ICCI 2018)
41st2019.09.ISHIKAWANew Horizon of Creativity and Innovation