About Japan Creativity Society!

The Characteristic of the Society

Registered under Japan Science Council since 1982.

Members now over 200 are comprised of scholars, researchers, commercial from various backgrounds in Science / Tech to Education / Art.

The Society sponsor various activities such as research conference, jounals, bulletins, newsletters to foster international exchanges in the field.

Founded 20th October 1979 (Showa 54)
1984 (Showa 59) Registered member of Science Council of Japan
Founded in 1979,
the Society has been leading the creativity research in Japan for over 30 years.
The activities extend globally with close contacts with research institutes in US and Europe,it has also supported the establishment of creativity societies in China and Korea.
The Society run annual research convention and support member in publication of creativity studies.
216 members in total, including regular, academia, honorary, international members.(at Apr. 2013)
Coordinate with the Creativity Societies from US, Germany, China and Korea.
Annual publication of 'Research Journal of Japan Creativity Society' Quarterly publication of Society Newsletter
1st (1979-81)Jiro Kawakita (Prof. of Tokyo Institute of Technology)
2nd(1982-84)Akira Onda (Prof. of Toyo Univ.)
3rd (1985-88) Yuzuru Oshika (Prof. of Osaka Institute of Technology)
4th (1989-95) Koji Morooka (Prof. of Tokai Univ.)
5th (1996-98) Masaru Nishi (Prof. of Meiji Gakuin Univ.)
6th (1999-01) Yuten Higa (Prof. of Toyo Univ.)
7th (2002-04) Makoto Takahashi (Pres. of Soken Research Institute)
8th (2005-07) Susumu Kunifuji (Prof. of Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
9th (2008-09) Yoshiki Hayashi (Prof. of Japan Professional School of Education)
10th (2010) Masahiro Oku(Prof. of Tokyo University of Technology)
11th (2011-2013) Fangqi  Xu(Prof. of Kindai University)
12th (2014-2016) keizo Sakurai(Prof. of Japan University of Economics)
13th (2017-) Shingo Tamura(Wonderworks Inc.)